Violence can happen

Senior Self Defense Clinics

Do you feel vulnerable and unprotected?  Do you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to stay safe?

Senior Self-Defense is a modern self-protection training methodology where adults of all ages, skill level or physical limitations, learn time tested self-defense maneuvers used by world-renowned Defense Forces

We set training expectations based on your capability level.  Whether you are new or experienced, you can feel safe and comfortable in class.

This course is not a martial art.  It teaches participants how to avoid violence and neutralize a threat when necessary.  Senior Self-Defense is recognized for its simplicity, instinctive nature, quick learning curve, use of weapons of opportunity, adaptability, and rapid proficiency. 

Students learn through slow-motion repetition how to find a target and strike a target from various stances, positions and scenarios.  This method of training was developed by Tim Larkin and called "Target Focus Training."  It helps reduce the chances of injury while training and develops confidence.

Through This Course of Training Students Will Learn:

  • To recognize dangerous situations & pre-attack behaviors.
  • Techniques to de-escalate dangerous situations.
  • Self Defense tactics that do not rely on size, strength, or years of practice.
  • Techniques to handle one or more attackers when avoidance & de-escalation are not an option.
  • Skills having long-term retention that can be recalled when threatened.
  • The use of non-lethal tools when your life is at stake.
  • Senior Self-Defense is your blueprint for personal security and a fun way to stay in shape.