Tae Kwon Do

This program is taught by instructor Lance Marvel and follows the ITF discipline of Tae Kwon Do. Students experience a blend of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, sparring, self-defense, breathing, forms and katas. This class provides students with highly effective methods of self-defense and develop skills to achieve a black belt.

Heiho Shin Do Combatives

Creator & founder Shodai Sensei Richard Faustini developed this principle based self-defense system designed to inflict injury upon an attacker, as opposed to a sport system in which the goal is to score a point, only to be used if necessary and justified. The system uses simultaneous defense & attack strategies to neutralize a threat in the shortest amount of time, including striking vulnerable joints & soft tissue, and takedowns. This principle of attacking the attacker is more likely to favorably conclude a violent attack with the attacker left in either a controlled submissive position for authorities to handle, or left injured and unable to continue violence. This program is taught by Sensei Ted for students ages 16 and above to develop skills to achieve a black belt.

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