Little Samurai Program (ages 3-5)

With few other extracurricular activities available for the pre-school aged student, our Little Samurai program can be a very valuable solution for families.  Sensei Ted, a former certified Physical Education Teacher, makes learning fun.  The professionally developed Little Samurai program focuses on ten developmental life skills benefits:

Skill Benefit #1: RESPECT Little Samurai kids develop a respectful attitude learning how to bow, by treating others the way they want to be treated and by learning to use the seven “magic words of respect.

Skill Benefit #2 DISCIPLINE  Drills and activities are used to help reinforce an attitude that discipline can be fun and rewarding. Learning to take pride in doing the right thing, following directions better and learning to do things without being told are common benefits.

Skill Benefit #3 SELF-CONTROL Little Samurai kids learn to control emotional outbursts, sit calmly when asked and learn to keep their hands to themselves. Control is mastered, it leads to appropriate self-expression in other contexts.

Skill Benefit #4 CONFIDENCE Little Samurai kids develop confidence using their power voice and by successfully performing martial arts skills.  Students are awarded belt-stripes and new belts for successful completion of their requirements.  Students develop confidence when they earn things, not when they're given.

Skill Benefit #5 SOCIALIZATION Teamwork is necessary for positive growth. The more your child is willing to work with others, it will help him or her make new friends and become a better leader in life.

Skill Benefit #6 FOCUS This skill will help your child’s aim, listening skills and reaction skills. They will excel faster in physical activities when they focus their eyes, mind, and body. Your child will become a better listener thru eye contact and become a more focused & confident student in school.

Skill Benefit #7 BALANCE Good balance and posture are frequent benefits of martial arts training.  This skill is crucial to develop at an early age as children begin to participate in new activities that are physically challenging, like riding a two-wheel bicycle.

Skill Benefit #8 COORDINATION Your child will learn their left from right and how to coordinate movements with their hands and legs. This necessary skill will help them become better physical participants in sports & activities and help prevent injury.

Skill Benefit #9 FITNESS Our program provides an appropriate environment for the release of excess energy and helps children begin to develop core strength and flexibility.  Children can begin to understand the importance of being healthy and physically fit at an early age.

Skill Benefit #10 SAFETY Children must learn who to trust and not trust.  As they interact with various people throughout their day, they must learn how to identify and avoid the “tricky people.” Little Samurai kids learn that “tricky people” will try to get them to do something they know isn’t what their parents would want them to do.  They also develop a “power voice” that keeps bullies away!


Black Belt & Self Defense Program (ages 6-17)

For children ages 6-15, this program teaches students the discipline of Tae Kwon Do, character development, self-defense, leadership, and personal fitness. Tae Kwon Do, which has its origins in Korea, means the way of the hand & foot. It is known for its dynamic kicks and is geared toward sports competition. As students mature and progress towards higher belt ranks, they also receive instruction in kickboxing techniques, grappling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and weapon defense.  At the age of 16, students may begin training in the adult program and will transition from Jr. Black Belt to their adult Black Belt.

Black Belt & Leadership Club (ages 10 and up)