Krav Maga & Self Defense

Seaside Krav Maga & Self Defense

Students of all skill levels learn the same practical self-defense maneuvers used by the Israeli Defense Forces. Krav Maga is well known for its simplicity, instinctive nature, quick learning curve, utility, use of weapons of opportunity, adaptability, and proficiency. Krav Maga is a streamlined self-defense tactics system that focuses on using our body’s natural reflex response to aggressively neutralize a threat. Seaside Krav Maga makes self-defense accessible to all people regardless of physical limitations.  Classes meet weekly Tue. & Thurs. 8:15 AM to 9:15 AM and evenings 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM.

Self Defense Street Combatives

Street Combatives is a modern self protection training methodology. It is not a martial art, but it combines movements from various martial arts systems like Krav Maga, Muay Thai, grappling & jiu-jitsu.  Street Combatives teaches law-abiding citizens how to avoid violence, and how to use it when necessary.  This 6 hour course is designed for small or large groups and it is for both men and women.  Call to schedule a course for your group or organization.  Prices vary depending upon location and number of students.

  • Principle based tactics used when facing a violent confrontation with one or more attackers, when avoidance and de-escalation are no longer an option.
  • Addresses the real-time fight stress and physiological responses when threatened.
  • Focuses on striking tactics that utilize body weight to cause injury on specific targets.
  • Movements do not rely on athleticism, require years of technical practice or skilled training partners to pull them off.
  • Develops understanding of personal awareness & recognizing pre-fight behavior.
  • Utilizes tactics of awareness, de-escalation, pre-emption, and lethal & non-lethal tools.
  • Principle training produces long-term retention with immediate recall when threatened.


Delaware Tactical Firearms Training

For more information on Firearms Training and to sign up for classes, please click this link.