Tai Chi

Tai chi is the supreme internal martial art. The practice is slow gentle and flowing, yet deceptively challenging aerobic, strengthening and relaxing for mind and body. Most practice it for the subtle yet deep health benefits. The foundation of the practice is Qigong, or "Energy Skill" Qigong is based in universal timeless ancient principles of yin and yang, balance and counterbalance, cause and effect. The physics and psychology of the art of Tai Chi. The bottom up inside out of it. The Qigong movements and principles are challenging and rewarding to learn ,and provide a lifetime of progressively beneficial practice uniquely applicable to each student.

Studies have shown that regular Tai chi practice can:

  • Improve overall strength, balance and coordination , reducing falls in the elderly.
  • Lower blood pressure and increase circulation, flexibility, overall strength and posture.

In class we learn the "ABC's" of Tai Chi and the How to Accumulate Balance and Circulate chi, through the Universal principles of Tai Chi, yin and yang, balance and counterbalance, as they apply to posture and motion, through a precise set of 14 exercises, refined over many centuries, timelessly applicable. . The principles form a true foundation for good practice from the beginning, and an infinitely deepening understanding of the ‘Why" of all styles of qigong tai chi, yoga and internal marital arts, including all fitness or recreation activities and every day life.

Tai Chi Chuan "Grand Ultimate weapon" is the elaboration and expansion of the martial practice of Qigong, through forms and partner exercises. In solo forms we learn to harmonize internally, with our self, integrating posture and attitude, and in partner exercises we expand these principles to our relationships with others and the world around us. Practicing principles of harmony unity and flow. Tai chi has been called "shadow boxing" . Yielding to win, like water and wind. Understanding 'how and why' is the ultimate skill. Improving our awareness is the ultimate benefit.

Students bring patience, perseverance, intention, an open mind, and wear comfortable clothing for freedom of movement. . .

Master instructor Wayne McGuire brings a lifetime study of Tai Chi and many related arts. Formally initiated in 1974, he has traveled and studied many styles of teaching and practice with rare teachers and Tai Chi Masters East and West. Since 1990, Wayne has taught all ages in many settings both private and public, including: twenty years at Heron Point Retirement community, Chestertown MD; ten years at Chesapeake College in Wye mills; and seven years in the Phys. Ed. program at Washington College.