Self-Defense Program

Women / Children / Anti-Bullying & Stranger Abduction

Knowing simple effective self-defense maneuvers is essential to your protection plan. You may never know where and when you will find yourself in a potential dangerous situation.

FAST stands for Fear Adrenal Stress Training and was developed by Bill Kipp. FAST is unique in that it deals with the emotions produced during a simulated actual attack.

Adrenal Stress training puts students in a high-stress situation such as a physical attack to train the body under emotional distress. Doing this allows students to see how they will react under pressure and how to utilize that adrenalized state to their advantage. Most importantly, you're going learn that your adrenalin and your fear can be your best friend.

A comprehensive program that works for children, women, and men. Martial Arts, from which most self-defense courses are derived, are based on technique based paradigms which means you spend years and years learning elaborate fancy martial arts skills. On one hand, this is great for self-discipline and physical dexterity, but the truth is Martial Arts skills alone are lacking in providing people with the complete skills necessary to deter real life attackers.

Overreacting or underreacting can get a person trying to defend themselves into grave danger.

Click here to watch Master Instructor Trainer, Bill Kipp, explain what FAST Defense is all about.