Little Samurai Program

Few other activities provide benefits to preschoolers like the Little Samurai Program. Our specialized Little Samurai Program is a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving the physical, emotional and social development of children ages 3-5.

Children who participate in the Little Samurai program become physically and emotionally prepared to succeed in life. Little Samurai children develop an attitude of confidence, inoculating them against bullying, and peer pressure. Little Samurai children become better listeners, receive positive social interaction and learn how to be safe.

Sensei Ted, a former certified Physical Education Teacher, has been specifically trained to work with children, and serves as an excellent role model. He makes learning educational and fun!

The professionally developed Little Samurai program focuses on ten developmental skill benefits: respect, discipline, self-control, confidence, socialization, focus, balance, coordination, fitness and safety.

 "With few other extracurricular activities available for the pre-school aged student, our Little Samurai program can be a very valuable solution for families."